Mistakes That Students Make in Coursework and How to Avoid

Mistakes in Coursework
Every student struggles to attain the highest score and grades in their coursework. You may have sleepless nights, handling multiple tasks simultaneously, grades pressure, submission deadlines and many other similar things to face while completing your coursework. But when grades are announced you get lower than your expectation. Ever thought the reason behind low grades after a lot of effort and hard work? Are you starting to feel that all your efforts are wasted and go useless? Have you ever thought about the reasons behind better grades of your friend than yours? Have you considered your weak points? Here is the answer to all these questions.

We have compiled a list of all the common mistakes which students usually made in coursework writing and ignore them most of the time. Have a look at these mistakes and suggestions as shared by a coursework writing service for students to avoiding them.

Grammatical Errors

Punctuation Mistakes:
Punctuation mistakes punctuation makes the sense of a sentence and helps to deliver the correct meaning of a sentence. Every punctuation mark like comma, full stop, apostrophe etc. has its own usage. One needs to be properly aware of using each punctuation mark at its correct place. A punctuation mark at a wrong place in a sentence can utterly change the meaning of a sentence. For example, when you have to show possession of a specific noun you use an apostrophe. But when you are in a hurry you place it in the wrong place like these firms’ products are very reliable, which is wrong, because you are talking about one firm. The correct sentence should be This firm’s products are very reliable.

Similarly, a comma has multiple usages, like; it is used after prepositional phrases, or for separating two or more items. But always remember to check the meaning of two sections between which commas are placed. Sometimes it happens that you missed a punctuation mark in drafting or typing your work. It’s Okay. It happens many times, but ignoring a punctuation mark in proofreading or reviewing is a bigger mistake which has an impact on your grades. It is better to always proofread your work before submission. You can also use the online tools available over the internet for checking and correcting your punctuation mistakes. Many good punctuation checkers not only identify the mistakes but also suggest correct usage.

Improper Reference Of A Pronoun And Homophonic Words:
Pronouns like his, her, they etc. should be used properly to convey full meaning of a sentence to the readers. Similarly, words like their & there, to & too, fair & fair, which have similar sounds are often used incorrectly. So one should concentrate on what he wants to write.

Improper Use Of Singulars And Plurals:
The most common mistake which students do is incorrect use of singular and plural forms. You must keep in mind that in a statement a verb should agree with the subject. For instance, in a sentence, a researcher performs various experiments to prove his statement, we are talking about a single person the verb should contain s with it. So the correct sentence is a researcher performs various experiments to prove his statement.

Incorrect Structure Of Sentence:
Formation of a sentence is very important. A sentence with the wrong structure misinterprets its meaning.

Quality of Content:
Mostly students have weak writing skills and write low quality content. Most students do so because they don’t take their coursework seriously. Instead of using untrustworthy and random content include relevant information.

Other General Mistakes

Not Following The Instructions:
Almost all teachers provide instructions and guidelines with coursework which students must have to follow. These guidelines are usually about the formatting and steps for conducting research. Most students don’t take these instructions seriously and lose marks.

Citation Mistakes:
Citation is one of the most important parts of academic writing. Improper or incomplete citation can result in plagiarism. Including someone else's work in your coursework without crediting the source is not only unethical but also leads to negative marking. You can make this error by using proper citation format and inserting quotation marks for all borrowed languages. Some students take the assigned coursework from their seniors, do some formatting and present it as their own work.

Proofreading is the best solution for avoiding all kinds of grammatical and formatting errors and mistakes. Proofreading if done properly helps to identify the small and common mistakes. Students mostly ignore proof reading or due to unplanned working on coursework they are left with no time to proofread their work.

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