Huawei P10 - A Powerhouse Smartphone That is not No Expensive

Huawei P10
Huawei has been around in the smart phone game for not very long but it has a huge following. The users that are using Huawei do not seem to want to switch to other makers. So what is the deal with the new Huawei P10 and what do we know about it? Let’s find out. About Huawei P10, nothing is official so far but a leaked document from China shows something worth considering. Although please understand that this news is still not confirmed and can be a total hoax, but the document does however look authentic and we never know if the news is true, moving on to the new Huawei P10 that is rumored to be launched in March in MWC this year in Barcelona. Why this phone all the hype is because this phone will then be best of Huawei yet in terms of price and performance. New, we want you to keep that in mind that this news can be a hoax even if the document is available at so keep it in mind as you continue reading; although we don’t see why this should not be valid news but we can’t say anything for sure.

Moving on to the details of the phone, this phone can be your dreams come true you know why, iPhone 8 is rumored to be priced around $1200 and this phone is way below the price of the new iPhone. The Huawei P10 will be launching in 3 different specs options and 2 more models in Huawei P10 Plus. The best thing about the phones is yet to come, the specs these phones will be available in. Huawei will not let you down this time around as well like it never has and they will be launching these power packed phones with some beyond imagination specs so far in budget phones. First of all the screen of the phones is curved, some models may not have the curves though. The phone is said to have 5.5” QHD display and the specs will not have any impact on the look of the phone. Design of the phones no matter what their specs are will be same and they are actually quite pretty looking phones Huawei has ever launched.

Let writers to provide facility to buy dissertation online, have a quick look at the versions that may launch according to the leaked document, keep in mind that the prices are not announced in US dollars or GBP yet and have been converted from Chinese currency.

Huawei P10 (4GB RAM, 32GB ROM) – £407 | $508

Huawei P10 (4GB RAM, 64GB ROM) – £477 | $595 (Not bad honestly!)

Huawei P10 (6GB RAM, 128GB ROM) – $546 | $682

Huawei P10 Plus (4GB RAM, 64GB ROM) – £581 | $726

Huawei P10 Plus (6GB RAM, 128GB ROM) – £663 | $828 (6GB RAM sure sounds insane though)

As you can see, the price graph compared to the high-end phones currently ruling the market is quite low even if it goes above $500. Now, Huawei does look like upping the game and bringing some heavy duty phones for the users soon enough and if the news is true, people are already gearing up and planning on pre-booking the phone.

Although we can’t verify this information for the time being until Huawei announces something on their own but we do hope that everything about this new it true and the phones do come in the leaked specs. With so many leaked details and so little to be called confirmed, Huawei sure has created a hype for its upcoming phone. Now who does not want to get their hands on a phone this amazing and thinking about a 6GB RAM sure gives the phone gamers some great expectations. There are many sites that offer mobiles specs and they have created a profile for the ‘now’ rumored Huawei P10 and P10 Plus and although they have not specified which model of the phone they are talking about, the device carries extendable memory and 12 mega pixel main and 8 mega pixel front camera. We are not sure but perhaps the camera specs are for the smaller version of the phone as now phones above 16 mega pixels are a thing. We know for sure that Huawei will be bringing something extra ordinary with the new phones and it will not be entirely wrong to keep our expectations high because it has never failed to make us happy before and live up to the expectations. Now, the body of the phone in the images leaked so far looks pretty touch compared to Huawei’s previous phones especially P8 Lite, the light disperses from the body and especially if you have bought the phone in white color, you will find many issues with the body of the phone, it looks very fragile and low quality to be honest. But the P10 looks pretty good and so are its prices that have not been officially released so far.

Huawei is expected to be looking forward to use MWC happening in Barcelona sometime in March or April to launch their new phones with an expected release of another next phone of one of their brands in the second half of this year.

With this phone, the most important thing that the users are looking forward to is the gaming performance of the phone. Since mobile gaming is a thing and is an emerging business, phone manufacturer should definitely keep these little things in consideration and they do. We can’t wait to find out what other things the phone will have to offer with the specially 6GB RAM, we want to find out more about the phone and it’s launches that where will these phones be launched first and what else can we look forward to. Also the prices mentioned above, as they are not confirmed yet, we would like to find out what really are they offering in terms of price as if these prices are true, this line would be Huawei’s most expensive line so far.

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