Five Major Types Of Essays

The word “essay “has been taken from the French language which means, trail, In literature, an essay is a formal and traditional piece of non-fictional writing about any special topic or issue. The basic aim of writing an essay is to show and highlight your personal opinion about a topic. An essay contains a message to convey their reader, but, writing an essay requires a proper understanding of your topic. Writing an effective essay has become critical and difficult in the field of academic writing. Most essays are consisted of common school assignments, on college applications and a part of the test. On tests, selecting the correct type of essay is very essential, if a student doesn’t have proper information about essays types, he will not able to highlight the main aim of writing an essay. For your knowledge, we are sharing five major types of essay. Instead of that, if you have any issue in writing your essay then you can get help form essay writing service. Let’s discuss five major types of essays.

1. Narrative essay 

2. Descriptive essay 

3. Expository essay 

4. Persuasive essay 

5. Compare and contrast 

Narrative essay 

A narrative essay is based on a story, in which a writer shows his experience and hurdles that he has faced in his life. The type of narrative essay is most universal and interesting. It is like a story type essay which gives us a lesson. Writing a narrative essay requires deep research on life facts and the vivid story based on truth. The narrative essay is usually written in first person “I”. The narrative essay reminds us a long story written by Jonathan Swift “Gulliver travels”. This is narrative essay which is most interesting and takes us in the Utopian land. The use of external sources is not required in the narrative essays; indeed, it is an expression about your past. Teachers should give a task to the students to write a narrative essay about their life and experience. Writing a narrative essay increases your creative writing. 

Descriptive essay 

A descriptive essay is not famous and easy to write, because, it is based on an original piece of art. Writing a descriptive essay is like a painting an essay. A writer should paint a picture with words. A writer should use a person, place and objects in order to give deep meaning to words, it is the answer to the question and detailed description of literary essay. A writer should use literally term such as metaphor, allegory, similes in order to convey the deep meaning of his essay. Using the allegory gives two types meaning to the reader in which deep meaning is completely difference from the surface meaning. Using the similes is the comparison two dissimilar things such as heaven and hell, bad and good, life and death. For example, if we write that life and death are equal, the reader will be amused by that statement.

Expository Essay 

The expository essay is an informative piece of writing that gives complete information about a topic. It is like critical essay in which we criticize the basic aim of writing an essay. An expository essay does not consist of personal feelings and experience; indeed, it is based on facts and truths. Writing an expository essay require you proper information about your chosen topic. Writing an expository essay is very difficult, because, it requires your sense of responsibility as well as deep knowledge.

Persuasive Essay 

A persuasive essay is commonly known as the argumentative essay. In this type of essay, the writer insists to prove his point of view by examples. Persuasive essay writing requires a sense of understanding and convincing readers about truthful facts. A writer should use solid reasons in order to convince their reader that what he is telling is completely write. Most writers use different terms and examples in order to prove their point of view. Writing a persuasive essay is the most difficult and challenging task for the writer, because, he has to prove his point of view at any cost. 

Compare And Contrast 

Compare and contrast is the most common type of essay writing and it is not difficult to write. Indeed, students want to compare and contrast two things. Using the compare and contrast techniques, a writer can highlight benefits and disadvantages of anything. A writer shows the similarities as well as differences between the selected topic, location and event. This type of essay is very helpful in order to understand all the pros and cons of any topic. Compare and contrast essay is the sub-section of the expository essay. 

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